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Lots of help

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Install a new pellet stove with Maggies help! Would have been done about three hours faster but had to find the tools that ran away. I thought I put them up high [ but there I go thinking again.] Maggie is now sleeping by the heat after a big long day.
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That's hilarious! We tried to get Doppler to take daddy a hammer but we think it was too heavy and he didn't like to carry it. And maybe I got lucky with the counter surfing. Neither of mine do it. Virga's tries but she's too short.

Both of mine like to "help" in the kitchen when I'm cooking or baking. It's a lot of help when two dogs are scrutinizing every step I take to make sure I don't mess dinner up. :rolleyes: They eventually get kicked out because I've almost fallen for about the third time. But Doppler knows if he's patient he'll get to come in and be my vacuum/mop at some point. I'm not a clean cook.
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