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Looking for Book suggestions.

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I am trying to learn everything I can about bassets, conformation, breeding, etc. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some really good reference type books, ones that really go into detail. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not thinking of breeding Jeb or anything like that. Someday I'd like to raise show dogs. First, I want to learn all I can - I want to do this *right*. Thanks! :)
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Here are some suggestions...

Basset Hound Breed Standard, AKC website

The Basset Hound Illustrated Standard, The Basset Hound Club of America, 1996

K-9 Structure and Terminology, Gilbert and Brown, 1995

The Official Book of the Basset Hound, Booth

The New Basset Hound, Walton

The New Complete Basset Hound, Braun

The Basset Hound, Nixon

Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog, Scott and Fuller

Control of Canine Genetic Disease, Padgett

Another suggestion is to join the nearest basset hound club and volunteer for whatever needs to be done. :) This way, you'll get to know people who are active in the breed and you may be able to find someone who will act a a mentor for you. Good luck! :)
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Thanks, Betsy! :) I've already had the Standard printed out from the AKC website, and have been studying it, plus I found a detailed chart along with the standard on another site, but I'm to the point that I want to study more than just the outward appearance.

The hardest thing I'm having right now is finding "basset" mentors. I've joined the closest Kennel Club, and have met some wonderful people, but no one else has a basset. I did meet 2 breeders at the last show we went to, but the one who lives closest to me is still 6 hours away. I love country life, until I want to actually DO something! LOL
From the Current Message of BHCA President
Claudia Orlandi was asked by the Parent Club Conference managers to present the new Basset Hound University concept at this meeting. The response was absolutely amazing with nearly every parent club wanting to know how to begin a program of their own and even an AKC Board member commenting that the AKC should embrace the concept. The BHU Steering Committee deserves our sincere congratulations as a part of the Members Education Committee.
From Claudia Orlandi
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One of the best sources of information on bassets hounds for me were old issues of the Bugler and Tally-Ho that my basset mentor gave me. Cyberhound has more info on these magazines at I know I've seen ads of old issues being sold or given away but don't know of any at the moment.

Also check out Ebay for Basset Hound books and magazines. A book that I have that is currently on Ebay is: "THE BASSET HOUND" BY MARCIA A.FOY & ANNA KATHERINE NICHOLAS
Another suggestion is to join the Cangen-L e-mail list. Here is a description of the group.
Canine Genetics Discussion Group continuation from Dr. John Armstrong's Canine Diversity Group.

The Canine Diversity Project is an attempt to acquaint breeders of domesticated Canidae (dogs) with the dangers of inbreeding and the overuse of popular sires. Both lead to the indiscriminate loss of genetic diversity and increase the frequency of genetic problems in the population. These abuses have not been restricted to dogs, but have also occurred in horses, cattle and many other domestic animals, largely as a consequence of outdated beliefs dating back to the early days of genetics. Even their wild cousins have been the unfortunate victims of genetic malpractice by zoos. Fortunately, zoo biologists have recognized the dangers to these and many other species, and species servival plans have been developed for many.   Though, as a species, Canis familiaris is not endangered, a number of breeds are in as much danger of extinction as some of their   wild cousins. If different varieties of wolves are worthy of preservation, are not the different breeds of domestic dogs equally worthy?

Starting with wolves, and perhaps other related canids, man shaped the dog to his own ends. For several thousand years they have been our companions, helpers and guardians. A dog, treated with a little kindness, will be your friend for life. How do we reward them? By condemning many to a life of pain or an early death due to various inherited diseases Do we not owe them more than this? ***

How You Can Help ?
Become informed   *on basic genetic principles and good breeding practice   *on the major genetic diseases in your breed   *on the attitude of your Breed Club or Association  

Support genetic research!  
Spread the word about this list! Ask the Question - Do you need a \"Breed Survival Plan\"?

If you are interested in participating in on-going discussion of canine genetics (C. familiaris or other) and breeding (as related to genetic health).  
The group has an international membership and all sorts of topics related to breeding and genetics are discussed.
Thank you! All this should keep me busy for a while. :)
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