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looking for a friend for Fred

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I know going with a reputable breeder takes time so we are starting now. Does anyone know of a good breeder in illinois/indiana? I found two indiana breeders I contacted but haven't heard back. We aren't opposed to a retired adult either as long as they fit in our household.


1) what is an expected amount to pay for a good basset?

2) we are looking for a long earred wrinkly basset would it be rude to ask to see pictures of their dogs so I can see if they are producing what we're looking for?

any other tips?
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I suggest checking the web site for the BHCA
Welcome to the Home of The Basset Hound Club of America
They have a breeder listing and a list of regional Basset clubs.
You might also want to go to some shows in your area, that way you can meet some breeders and their dogs in person.

I'm not sure what prices are like in the US at the moment. It's certainly not rude to ask to see the dogs - in fact you should insist on it. Seeing, better yet meeting, the breeder's adults will give you a pretty good idea how the pup is likely to turn out
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