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see Looking for a show quality Basset

This time, we'd like to buy a dog from a good breeder, preferably one who genetically screens
FWIW there is currently only one genetic test for basset hounds for what appears to be a rather obscure/rare bleeding disorder that occurs only in the breed. All other breeding discsion to minimize genetic issues must be done by pedigree analyisis i.e. know problems that occur in particular lines and by breadth of knowledge of the line what problems have occured in offspring of related dogs etc.

There are also sever limits on the reliability of certain test like cerf and ofa for making breeding decisions as well. The reliability of a Gonscopy as a diagnostic tool for glaucoma is in severe question with many learned experts saying it is totally useless. The ability for ofa to affect hips ect has been highly mixed as it appears there are many factors involved other than simply genetics and genetics in some breeds is a realitive small factor.
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