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Look! I've mastered the stairs...

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...and i'm driving my daddy insane cos he thinks i'm going to hurt myself and the speed i've been walkin/fallin down them!

mummy just keep trying to get a good action shot but isnt having much luck as i'm so fast! :rolleyes:
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Please be careful with the stairs. Stairs & Bassets aren't a good combination. When we lived in Phila. we lived in a 3 story house. I got several baby gates so Maggie Mae (ATB) couldn't climb the stairs.
At least they're carpeted. To teach Ruby the stairs as a tiny puppy, I had to put kibble pieces on them and go down one by one next to her (on my butt!). Ruby's daddy thought it was soooooo funny. Our stairs were very tall and steep. Which is why the muscles in Ruby's chest area got so big at the time, she had to haul herself up. Going down was funny. She's hop down them.

But because of arthritis issues, we haven't had stairs since.

Janice and Ruby
Tina copes very well with the stairs but it is funny watching her hop down them :lol: :lol: :lol:
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