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Look at Ruby's lower eyelids.

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Don't look at the eye goo on her face.....but please look at how the lower eyelids seem to be not round any more. They almost have a point in the middle. Do you see what I'm describing? Or do you think it's always been there but not noticed because that area used to be completely black and now it's getting white with age?

Also note her wet ears...they were in the water bowl. :lol:

Janice and little Ruby ("Age?? Who are YOU calling old?!")

:blink: :lol:
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It's just because she has so much loose skin. Perhaps bassets, like human,
gets (even more) sagging skin as they grow old :p

Anyway it is a perfectly normal eye shape for bassets with a lot of loose
skin. If you study the pictures of Mr. Runcible you will notice that he too has
eyes like that.
My Gibbs eyes are very similar and he's only 4.

Dixie's are like Ruby's. I'll try to get a good photo to show you. She's 8+- years old. Belly's are still round. He has less saggy skin, I assume because he's half her age.
The skin moves around, depending on how they hold their heads. Caper's are like that when her head is lowered. When she looks up, her lower lids are less diamond-shaped.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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