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We've had some experience with elevated liver enzymes here. Louella, my last female, had elevated liver enzymes from puppy hood. She never seemed really sick, although she'd go off her food every so often. Going off food was not necessarily correlated with high enzymes. She had ultrasounds (mildly enlarged liver), but with bassets, hard to tell what that means. She also had a biopsy that didn't turn up any thing specific. This went on her whole life, and she'd take antibiotics whenever the enzymes were really high. They'd come down with the antibiotics, but for all we know, they may have come down without them anyway. It was finally concluded that she might have had a mild inflammatory bowel disease, and that caused the elevation, but by that time she was an older hound with other more serious problems. Frustrating situation that caused us alot of consternation and money. In retrospect, though, I don't begrudge the money--we didn't have bad liver disease to content with, and that's good!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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