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Several months ago I had the same problem when I was new to the forum. Mickey T sent me the answer as follows:

FWIW the name for the little pictures are Avitars
This sight like all bulletin board does not actual store photo information but links to in from other web sites.

1. select a picture

2. use photoshop to save as a tumbnail or file smaller than 80 x 100 pixels in gif or JPG format If you do not know how to do this don't worry pict size can be altered later in the process it just better quality is achieve if done earlier

3. upload picture to a photohosting site on the web I recommend Photobucket Click on link to get there. open a free account by clicking join now enter a user name and password for your account . click "my album". Scroll down to Upload Images and Video.
under the square for "choose files' is a dialog box "reduce to" followed by "more options" click on the check mark, scroll to tiny and highlight. Now click "choose file" use the browser to find the file you want to upload. When you click open the file will upload. At the end of uploading Add title and discription if you like but it is not necessary. Click return to album. Move cursor over image you up loaded a drop down menu will appear. click "Direct link" this will save the link in the clipboard for later posting

4. go to cyberhounds Basset talk forum . At the top of the page click "my controls". Your profile will come up. On the left side under "menu" scroll down to "Edit Avitar" and click. scroll to "Enter a URL to an online avatar image
" and paste url addresses that you previously copied to the clip board into the box. the keyboard short cut is hold the <<ctrl>> key dow while pressing the letter "v"

5. Actual you can upload a picture directly from the computer by using the "Upload a new image from your computer" dialog box and browsing for a picture but the picture must be in Jpg or gif format which photoshop does not automatical save in but can be done in "save as" the procedure above 1-4 will create a jpg file. and is what you need to do to post pictures in the message area of the forum. You do this by instead of click "direct link" in the procedure above you click "img Code" instead and just paste the result into the message.

Good Luck!!

MissDaisyDog and her driver, Fritz
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