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little growls

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the nu mom was nuzzling up next to me last night and put her head down on my side. I gave a little growl. the parents aren't sure what this was all about. need my space sometimes? she laid her head down again. same response. Do I need a little tap on the nose and a NO? They don't want me to be mean to people. What can be done to correct this now, so it doesn't progress? they had a mean dog once, which is why they went to bassets--so this is strange for them and they're worried.
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I don't recall her age but do not ignor this behavior a stern growling "Nooooo" should let her know it is not to be tolerated.Use the deepest voice you have,our tone of voice will tell them what we like and what we don't like.When she does something good like excepting you without the growl bring your tone up and praise her for her good behavior.They usually catch on quickly.
My friend's basset would growl if he was sleeping and did not want bothered, sometimes a very deep hearted growl it was, but never a bite. I don't think his daddy did much to correct it, he found it amusing his boy was grumpy tired :)
age is 19 months. aw, heck, a year and a half (never understood why you count in months after a year old...)

but again we've never been an only dog.
maybe it's a settling into being the ruler of the roost kind of thing.
I have this feeling it won't last long because daddy has a low BOOMING voice when he wants to.
She might be resource guarding her space. It is an issue you will have to correct but I wouldn't punish her for growling. It is good that she is atleast giving you a warning before she snaps or bites.
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