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Little Girl

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She got shortchanged last time, so here are a couple of photos of her. :)

Little Girl and Fat Man.

Little Girl, Little Boy and Fat Man.
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Oh my gosh! They melt your heart!!!
Precious! How much do they weigh now Betsy? They sure are lucky to have a "grandma" like you!

I thought Vegas was a desert-awfully green grass for a desert. Nice lawn, even if it's astro turf. :p
They are so cute; looking at them makes me even more anxious to get our new pup on Monday. Ordinarily I would not wish the weekend away but with Monday being the big day I just can't wait for Monday to get here.
They feel like they weight about 40 lbs a piece, except for Fat Man who probably weighs about 60. They see the vet on Wed., and we'll get actual weights then.
Yup, Little Girl remains my favorite. Such great eyes!
Sharon Hall
I want to hug and squish and pet and scratch!!!!!
Wow, not ever having seen puppies of any kind from birth on I have to say I can't believe how fast theses little guys and girl are growing!

Please keep the pictures coming :)

That cheek-to-cheek picture is priceless. I've saved it; hope you don't mind. I just have to have it for wallpaper.
Very goodlooking!
I see they have already got real long ears to stumble in! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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