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Jess jumped awkwardly from the sofa last night (we saw her) and is now limping on a rear leg. I am almost certain it is just a muscle strain. She's still running around a fair bit, just favors the leg when walking. She's not showing any sign of pain when we touch it, nor is she in pain when lying still (in fact, no pain at all, no whimpering etc.).

Of course, being a holiday weekend, I am hoping to avoid an expensive emergency vet visit but I don't know how to help her for the next couple of days. Do we enforce rest? Is there anything I can give her? How would I know if she has torn a ligament or done any other serious damage?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Thanks for the advice! I'm thinking that we take a couple of days to see if she improves, just give her as much rest as possible. If it looks worse, or she seems to really be in pain, we'll take that emergency vet trip, otherwise I'll take her to our normal vet Tuesday morning to check it out if she still has the limp.

I know I've seen lots of posts about limping, and most seem to recover ok. She loosens up once she gets walking, and can still get excited if the doorbell rings, so I know she's probably not broken anything. She's getting lots of cuddles and treats though, holding that leg up!
OK. So, Jess was still limping, though not as bad, but she wasn't really eating, so I reckoned she was feeling pain enough to subdue her a lot. She spent the weekend sleeping and would only eat an odd treat. I cooked chicken especially and she would only take a few pieces before she turned away.

We went to the vet... she's now spending the night there. She's having blood taken before she's sedated for x-rays in the morning. They're doing a bordetella vaccine and a heartworm test and a whole barrage of x-rays to check the limb, her pelvis and her other leg for comparison. The vet suspects a fracture in the knee and just hopes it isn't the ACL.

$600 before we get to know what the injury even is and the possibility of another couple of thousand dollars if she needs surgery!!

Just praying that the surgery isn't necessary, as I don't know how we'll find the cash for that. As you can probably tell, I'm a very panicked mom just now! Drool please!!
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Update - Jess is back home. NO surgery! Vet said the x-rays showed no fractures and she suspects just a sprain. Crate rest, painkillers, no running or jumping and hopefully that will do it. Could still be the ACL, but she is using the leg more each day, so I'm hoping there is no serious damage.

It was so good to get her back last night. One night without her was so rough... no idea how you all cope when you lose a baby to the Bridge. Jess will be one year old on September 14th and it scares me already that she won't be here for ever. I love her soooo much!

So, panic over for now. I really have to think seriously about pet insurance!
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