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Jess jumped awkwardly from the sofa last night (we saw her) and is now limping on a rear leg. I am almost certain it is just a muscle strain. She's still running around a fair bit, just favors the leg when walking. She's not showing any sign of pain when we touch it, nor is she in pain when lying still (in fact, no pain at all, no whimpering etc.).

Of course, being a holiday weekend, I am hoping to avoid an expensive emergency vet visit but I don't know how to help her for the next couple of days. Do we enforce rest? Is there anything I can give her? How would I know if she has torn a ligament or done any other serious damage?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Addy, my westie limped if you raised your voice at her.First time I took her to the vet and after tests could find nothing wrong. Then discovered that there was a pattern to it. Shout at her and she limped. Mentioned it to vet next time I was there and he said in her former home she perhaps did hurt her leg but, also discovered that she got attention when she limped(and perhaps no abuse).Stopped it after several months.I know this isn't Addy's problem but it was just when you mentioned the treats.You may find even when she is better she will still limp just to get them.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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