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Jess jumped awkwardly from the sofa last night (we saw her) and is now limping on a rear leg. I am almost certain it is just a muscle strain. She's still running around a fair bit, just favors the leg when walking. She's not showing any sign of pain when we touch it, nor is she in pain when lying still (in fact, no pain at all, no whimpering etc.).

Of course, being a holiday weekend, I am hoping to avoid an expensive emergency vet visit but I don't know how to help her for the next couple of days. Do we enforce rest? Is there anything I can give her? How would I know if she has torn a ligament or done any other serious damage?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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A vet will of course examine an injured limb, palpate the joint, watch the dog's gait for abnormalies and then most likely do an x-ray to get an idea of the extent of injury. Sometimes the vet has to do an MRI or even surgery to determine what's going on so I don't think you are going to be able to tell the severity of your dog's injury. I wouldn't give any aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications you might have left over from a previous prescription given by the vet because you'll just mask the pain and a dog that feels less pain is likely to be more active, thus possibly causing more injury.

Only you can decide if you need to make a visit to the ER clinic but I would definitely limit activity to walking on leash and then only to go potty. No jumping on furniture or other activities.

Hope Jess doesn't have anything serious. Keep us posted.

I always say, "when it doubt, check it out."
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Sorry to hear Jess is still having pain. Hopefully she won't need surgery though I'd suggest getting a second opinion and a referral to an orthopedic specialist who's had a lot of experience with bassets. Always ask what are my options?

Sending positive thoughts your way for good news.
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