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Limp Tail

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My baby is about 7 years old. For the last 3 days his tail has been limp. I checked for soreness in the actual tail, but it only seems to be painful when I lift it. He also doesn't seem to be sore in the rump or hip area. He is having regular, normal BMs although today he started really howling in pain when he goes. Several years back he got something called "Cold Water Tail" and his tail went limp. This is something different, though, as it has lasted longer and the earlier problem didnt make him cry when he pooped. I have been giving him baby asiprin, but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas on what might be wrong?
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Sorry to hear your hound is in pain-he needs to see your veterinarian asap. I also wouldn't give aspirin without first consulting my vet. "Cold Water Tail" or "limp tail" doesn't produce pain when the dog defecates.

Roady had a limp tail which turned out to be a malignant mast cell tumor. Other conditions which could show up as a limp tail include a fracture of the tail, perianal adenoma and anal sac tumors, anal gland infection and back problems, just to name a few.

I have no idea what's causing your dog's limp tail or what's the source of his pain but certainly warrants further investigation by your veterinarian. Keep us posted. Sending positive thoughts your way that it's not something serious. :(

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I took him to the vet yesterday. The vet "expressed his anal glands" :( but didnt seem 100 percent sure that was the problem. He gave me some Rimadyl and said that if it was, he should feel better in a day or two. Today is the end of Day One and he is no better. His energy level is ok - he still likes to wrestle and snuggle - and I have pressed and poked and prodded with pressure around his hip, groin, butt area and nothing bothers him. But take him out and he puts off going #2 as long as he can. And when he does, you can hear it in the next state.

Poor baby, I know he is really in pain, and he is also traumatized from the vet. Not only did he have the gland "expression" but three weeks ago he had an abcess on his side that had to be drained (and I really hope they are not related and part of a bigger issue). I hate to take him back to the vet, because he is so traumatized (and so is my wallet), but I guess we will be there again tomorrow. I would appreciate any additional feedback just so I have more info for the vet when I go in. :(
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Poor guy. :( Hope the Rimadyl kicks in but even if it helps you still have no idea what the cause is for such acute pain. I really don't know what to tell you but if he were my dog and I were going back to the vet tomorrow, I'd tell my vet I want an x-ray of his rear end, to include back, hips, large intestine and rectum. Now I can do that with my vet, with some you have to more subtle in telling them what you want. It may take more than one view but x-rays aren't too expensive. I think my vet charges around $35.00 for each x-ray.

Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted.

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I was wondering about you-Hope your pooch is improving. It's nice to hear how things turn out so let us know if you get a chance. When we don't hear we tend to worry.
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