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Our first basset (Dusty) - a black and white "traditional" lived to be 18 years old. We had to put him to sleep only because of a threatening tumor that hung heavily from his abdomen (inoperable). He was pretty hard of hearing, but eyesight and stamina, he could have gone a couple of more years. He still loved to go for a walk (on his own) down the lane everyday. We brought him with us when we moved to the mountains in Potter County so that he could die here. He loved it so much, and we have a decorated grave under the huge "whispering pines" behind our house.

The vet said that basset hounds have very strong hearts and that is why they usually live to be pretty old, barring any other health factors. So you gotta love 'em, 'cause they are liable to outlive you!! Sue[/b]
WOW! Thats insane! I've never heard of a basset living that long.
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