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I like the Collar Tags they sell : Boomerang Pet Tags: Guaranteed to last. Mailed today, Free Shipping.

Nothing dangling down, so less chance of it getting caught on something, and they are also less likely to wear thru and fall off.

Also, we had our Lab microchipped, our vet only charged $40. This is the vendor whose chips they use.
Haven't had Roscoe done yet, but since he was dealing with just being neutered and another infection when we saw the vet, I thought it might be wise to wait.

I agree that a collar and tag are more user-friendly, when I found a little pup last month with no collar, I was quite willing to run over to the local vet with him to get him scanned. Luckily I found the owner before I had a chance to go!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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