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Let the shedding begin! Do you use a Furminator?

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We have had two straight days of sun and 60 degree temps, and Bogie Carter has decided to shed BIG TIME today. When I brushed him this morning the hair and soft furry undercoat were flying everywhere. I use a Zoom Groom and a shedding blade that do a pretty good job. I just wondered if anyone here used the Furminator, and if it is worth the $$$. What do you guys use when the fur flies? Thanks!! Connie

Update: Feb. 23
I broke down yesterday and bought a "furminator" at Pet Smart. I'm impressed with it and it will be great to carry in the RV and to do inside grooming here at home when its rainy etc. It did a great job, and I was amazed at how much loose hair came off Bogie. I had just groomed him the day before with the shedding blade and Zoom Groom. It was nice not to have flying fur in the house, that usually happens with the shedding blade. I just easily pulled it off the blade and stuck it in the waste can. I had a can full when I was done and a very handsome dog. Thanks for everyones imput.!!!!
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I bought a furminator last year and haven't regretted it one bit. So much hair comes off, its incredible! Most of it stays in the blade until its full - I keep a plastic bag or a small trash can nearby, and just pull the clump off. I used it on Bogie every day for a week last spring, and he barely shed until the next bath a month later. I have highly recommended it to anyone who has a shedding dog. The picture on the website where the dogs are surrounded by enough hair to make a bed is no lie.

I got the small size, which is plenty big for my Bogie, so that can save you $10. Its actually hard to use the large one on certain areas of their bodies(legs, bum, etc), so I wouldn't recommend the bigger one at all.
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