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i've been lurking around the forum for awhile now (at first by proxy through looking over my wife's shoulder (used to be "pamt" now is "moantania") and then finally through suffering here on my own). i figure it's about time that i introduce our basset.

this is montana

we got montana from the looziana basset rescue when she was 11 months old. we've had her for two years now.

i loved bassets as a spectator before montana. since she joined our family we all love bassets from experience. we love her crafty, manipulative ways of trying to get what she wants.

we love her moaning, sleeping, and sniffing

we pretty much love everything about her (except maybe her sneaking into the trash can every now and then - and even that's cute in a frustrating sort of way).

y'all seem to be such great dog loving people that i simply thought i had to share my montana with y'all.
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