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Leg problem in foster hound

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Our new foster, Martina, has a very crooked foreleg. She does favor it a bit when walking, and the knee area appear knuckled over, while the foot itself is turned sharply outwards. Being as new to bassets as I am, I'm not sure what this might be. She has no pain in the leg that I can determine. Rescue said they see a great many of these, and it is a birth defect. Also, when she is walking, the kneecap area appears to be moving around. Any idea what this might be, and do I need to have it checked myself? The rescue organization had her vetted, but had no comment as to the leg. She runs fine, plays and jumps with no problems I can see. I know I'm a worrywart, but if it's something that needs to be fixed, I'd like to know.
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Our last basset had something similar. She passed on last year at the ripe old age of 12! It looked awkward, but didn't seem to bother her too much. She liked going for long walks too.
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