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Leaky anal gland....

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Ok, I've heard and Peanut has had problems with impacted anal glands, however, the last couple of days, she seems to be leaking that nasty smelling fluid? Tonight she happened to be snuggled up next to me on the couch. next thing I know "SHEWWWWW" and it's on my pants, a perfect little circle!
Now is this normal or something I need to take her to the vet for?

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Oh, boy! That is the WORST smell, huh? :p
If she's got a history, you may want to give the doc a call. What type of food are you feeding her? Are her stools firm? This type of movement will help keep those glands functioning properly.
From your description sounds like she needs to have her anal glands expressed. But seeing as she's had anal gland problems in the past I'd have her checked out by the vet if she were my dog.
her poop is pretty solid, feed her Nutro Max. They pretty well formed, I've tried to do it myself, but haven't got it right and she keeps turning around and looking at me like, "excuse me? what ARE you doing back there!"
Murray had 2 abcessed anal glands last year. The first sign I had was dark brown stuff leaking out of him- he hadn't shown any discomfort, was not scooting- the glands had to be flushed, packed with antibiotics, and Murray was on Clavimox for a few weeks. The vet was talking about surgery, but we avoided that. Now he gets canned pumpkin (a big dollop) with every meal, as well as bran, and raw carrots to munch on.The added fiber seems to help- we haven't had any more problems. I agree with Barbara about having her checked out since she's had problems before. Hope this helps.

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Well, took her to the vet this morning after a couple more episodes of leakage. He checked her out and said she was "quite full!". So he cleaned her out and said she would be feeling much better! I have to change her diet however, she has hit 54.5 pounds! Doc wants her back below 50 due to her leg being crooked. I had changed their food from the Nature's Choice (venison and rice) to Nutro Max because Tarquin wasn't chewing food up, thought smaller pieces were better. The Nature's Choice is much lower in fat!.
I have always left food down for my dogs to eat whenever they wanted. Looking at Peanut's weight gain and the fact that Tarquin eats constantly, I think it is time feed them in the am and at night. My question is, especially with Peanut, how do I re-train their eating habits?
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