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Launch Day!

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Hiya Basset Pals,

i been workin' on my blog and it's up now... just want to share with y'all:

Life as I Know it: by Worm, the Basset Hound

Lemme know what ya think!
(esp if it's too hard to read)

Thanks to all my buddies here for their great tips and offers to help me!

--peace out, Worm
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Wworm -

Rosco, Layla and Breezy think your blog looks great. A good introduction to your life.

P.S. I think a 4th of July basset waddle would be a really good birthday present to a deserving hound.
Good job, Worm, mah man! Lookin' forward to having momma read your blog to me (my reading skillz aren't quite up to par; I would rather shred the paper than read it.)
Yay! Congrats!
Can't wait to read more!! Bernie gives it 4 paws up!!!
Way to go it love it love it.....

Woody Hayes
Wow great job Worm – did we tell you yet, you’re a very handsome young man. And we love the background image you have. Makes us feel like getting a little sand in our paws.:D

Flash & Lucy
Just been. Looks great. Love the name Worm, he so suits it.
Thanks ya, basset palz... !
the blog is fun so far... i think i'm gonna do some 'who are the people [dawgs] in your neighborhood??' posts to start with...

vb3-- you da best... my person is 80% convinced to bring me to the Waddle tomorrow... :D i'm a happy dawg right now...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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