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She is so gently and cuddly! This is such a different dog. She has a big "cowlick" or whatever you call it on the back of her neck, where you can grab it and ruffle the hairs. Belvedere is sleek like a seal ...rough bristly straight hair.

She's very different in many ways. My Belly is a big boy ...70 pounds of fast, hard, squirrel chasing muscle dog. A playful 4 1/2 year old with endless energy in the evening. You can't get him to sit and cuddle for anything. When he's sleepy, he's sweet and wants tummy rubs. He gives me the occasional nudge then off to the races and toys. Dixie looks at toys like they are ridiculous. I put one in her mouth and she just stood there, holding it ...because I wanted her to. Then Belly came and snatched it and ran off!

She wants to be cuddled and then nap ...he wants to be chased and fed and THEN nap. I have quite a a pair!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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