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Do they do this sort of rabbit thing out here on the Left Coast?
AHBA is north east and MIDwest only currently only trial west of the missisippi is in missori and wisconsin
BHCA hunt test which is close to an ahba hunt and AKC fields trial are held in out there IF you talk to Sara - on agility she is also an AKC field trialer
AKC and ahba trial differ substanitial

AKC rabbits are beaten out of the brush by humans and a brace ie 2 dogs are put on the rabbit train and the dog are judge on there tracking of the rabbit

AHAB runs small pack 3-6 dogs and doga must produce there own rabbits.

Can't say i understood everything 'bout what was goin' on,
the following may help
on the left coast by the way {northern california basset club}

The one big differnce is you notice the cover gets heavier as you move east this is typical of the sites on the east coast
Elizabethtown Beagle Club elizabethtown PA

do enjoy hearing other dawgs howls
you would of liked the Open cast I judged on sunday 3 rabbits run in the hour of judging time and it did not take more than two minutes before any one of the rabbits were jumped and the running was on. But to be technical what dog do a night to the moon as a call to see if any other dogs are around is a howl. What hounds do when in a chase is called a bay or bawl.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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