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KS 9

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The KS9 are some very lucky bassets. They've been used as breeders all their lives and now that the breeders are going of business, they are being taken into rescues and will have their own furever homes. The woman in KS who has been coordinating this is a saint. IN addition to the bassets there are 6 or 7 other breeds - each requiring coordination with rescues. I dont' know how she did it - but all these dogs will be safe.

The bassets will be picked up this Sat. and brought to the a home in Kansas. Next week they go in for spaying/neutering and whatever else might be needed. Thank doG they are all current on shots etc. The following weekend they'll start going to their new lives. Arizona has set up a paypal account to help with the vetting. We are guestimating about $1000 for all 9 dogs. If you can make a donation to help we'll all be very grateful. The paypal address is: [email protected] Sadly I can't offer to match these donations - but I am sending hubby to Kansas to pick up some of the dogs and get them back to NM and AZ.

Here's a few pics of some of them:

We could also use some drool so that nothing goes wrong in rescuing these beuaties.
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