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Keep in mind the siz of the kong can be the problem If the kong is tooo big the dog can niether squezee the outside of the knog to bust up the cookie or work the cookie around with his tongue and teeth to gret the cookie in position it can get it out, simply a smaller kng size might be the solution.

toughy and Zephyr use to get real beef bones filled with marrow on ocassion. (one need to rember that marrow has a high fat content) After 5 - 10 minutes Zephyr would bark tell Toughy it was time to switch. This worked great with raw hide because slobbery toughy would soften up the rawhide so tight liap zepher could chew it. And getting a neww one slowed toughy down. On the marrow bone tough was biger and had a longer tonque and would have his cleaned out or cleaned out so far the Zephyr could not reach the marrow. Toughy then proceed to finish off the marrow In zephyr's bone as well. but she always insited they trade. Just another illustration on the need to size appropriately.

You may also want to consider a buster cube or similar toys that dispense a treat when moved.

(persistence-- not his thing...).
Persistence can be taught or even more so lack of persistence. When thing are not going well dogs often ask for assistence, so more than others but if it is alway forth coming the dog quickly learns it is easier to ask for help than do it on its own, Dont be so quick to help the dog out give them time to figure it out. and the easiet way to build persistence in anything food related is to make it part of the meal instead of the treat. A hungry dog is always more persistent and a fiull one. Give the kong before meal time he is more likely to learn what it takes to get the cookie. once he does he is more likely to do the same thing again even if less hungery.
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