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I agree with Aruuu. The alternative is to *not* carpet.

Because of doggy odors and the former owners' leftover kitty litter box smell, I just pulled up all the carpeting out of a tiny room and am left with subflooring over ancient linoleum over ??? (old tile? old wood floors?). I'm not ready to do anything too expensive in this room, so am planning to just use carpet squares for now.

I have two more rooms with carpeting - one ancient carpet, the other new carpet.

Given how disgusting it gets so quickly, I want it all gone. The alternative is to clean it constantly, and I just don't have the patience for that.

The rest of my house is laminate over old wood floors and tile. Easy to clean --- doesn't stink to high heaven!

If Eau de Stinky Doggie :blink: is bothersome for you (like it is for me), either forbid them access to any carpeting by gating as Aruuu suggests - or get rid of it.
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