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I walk my Maddie once a day or so - some days longer than others, some days shorter. We go outside often for potty breaks - those combined with play inside is enough exercise for her. You might consider taking your little guy to a PetSmart Doggie Day Camp once a week - if he's up to date on all shots and friendly with other dogs, you'll have no problem.

I take Maddie once a week (sometimes more if money permits!) and she LOVES it! There she gets to play ALL DAY with a bunch of other dogs. By the time I get her home in the evening, she is exhausted. She eats her dinner and goes to sleep. I wake her up and let her out once more before we go to bed, and she sleeps like a log through the night as well. Sometimes, we all need a break and letting her go play and play all day is fun for her, and bringing her home only to have her sleeping sweetly is not bad either!

And please keep in mind, the "puppy phase" does end, eventually. Once he's trained you'll be so happy you kept him. As long as you have and are willing to spend the time and dedication it takes to keep up with a pup, you'll be so happy you did!

Hope I was of some help, and best of luck to you!
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