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I don't walk my two. They get plenty of play in the yard and inside that I don't think they absolutely need to go for walks every day. When I do do it, then they really enjoy it. But I don't feel that mine are suffering per se from not going on walks every day. Plus we go over to friend's houses at least once a week and let them run with our friends' dogs. I am also training the dogs in the house which wears them out a well. So they get plenty of exercise I feel.

Also, my dogs spend all night in their kennels and if we leave the house they go up. So they're probably in their kennels about 8 hours a day. This is purely because we don't want them to get in trouble and/or bored. Doppler actually is going to be sleeping with me for the most part of the next two months because my husband is working nights and it makes me feel better. Virga would get to sleep with me too if she would calm down and not try and bait Doppler into playing. But for the most part they're in their kennels if they can't be directly supervised. They both like their kennels so I don't think they mind.

As to the chewing/shredding/mangling, do you have toys for him nto chew on? If he's chewing on something you don't want him to chew on, say a loud "Ah!" or "No!" whichever works for you and then take the non-chewable item away and give him one of his toys. That's what we did with Doppler and Virga and they've never really had a huge chewing problem. If he's chewing on furniture you can get this stuff called "Grannick's Bitter Apple." The bottle says it for fur biting but I've used it on furniture and it works just as well. It didn't discolor any of our wood or fabric. I would test it on a small area though just to be safe.

The fact that you've even bothered to ask the questions you did show that you care for the dog and what's best for the dog. Good luck!
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