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I was just wondering your opinions on what age a puppy should be before you consider fostering or adopting a rescue basset? Before we decided to get Lily, we looked into rescue and got so far as to send in our application and go through an interview with one rescue organization in our area. They did not really have any dogs that were socialized with cats and to be honest, our biggest concern was for our 3 cats that have never lived with a dog before. We just didn't know how they would react to it. That is why we ultimately decided to go with a pup instead. HOWEVER, we would still love to be able to foster (and possibly adopt)in the future if the cats show that they can adjust to a new dog in the house. Plus I think it would be an added bonus to be able to tell prospective adopters if the dog is good with the cats or not. I was thinking that we might consider it when Lily is about a year old. As far as them adjusting to Lily, well, my thought is she is a pup and won't hurt them so they can just get over it and stop being such scaredy cats (pun intended)..LOL.
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