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Just to let everyone know

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Dudley started getting sick Sunday, and was just getting worse by morning, so he went to the vet. He's been there since, and is not doing any better.
He's gone through several test, but it looks like it may be Parvo. He is on an I.V. and several medications. The vet said we may have caught it soon enough, because he came in right away before he was dehydrated.
There's also a possibility he has some blockage from something clear (like plastic) that doesn't show up on x-ray. He has a gas bubble that is moving very slowly, but is it is moving.

I will try to keep everyone updated on Dudley.

BTW, Dozer & Digger are missing him, but they are fine otherwise.
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Oh no!!! I've got all fingers and toes crossed that he will be fine. Poor Dudley!
oh no!! poor Dudley!!!
Louie is crossing all his toes, his ears and curling his tail so that Dudley is better and home in no time!!!
Keep us posted!!!
:eek: Omg, I am so sorry! Poor Dudley and you.

Tons of snorts and yips from here ...
A horrible disease. Sending best wishes to Dudley--let us know how it goes.
Good luck- I know how worried you must be- the poor little guy! Please keep us updated!
Get well wishes and drool is being sent from nearby Kansas from Stonewall and Samantha to young Dudley. Keep fighting there guy and get better real fast!!!! :(
So sorry to hear about Dudley. Hopefully he will improve quickly and it's not a blockage. Been there twice with Bogie with the rocks, but those did show up on the x-rays. Parvo is bad stuff if it's that, but it sounds lijke you caught it quickly. Sending Dudley tons of healing drool!!!!
How awful for you guys! Francis and I hope Dudley gets well very quickly. We'll keep your little buddy in our prayers.
Oh no! Tons of drool being slung from Southern California for Dudley.............
sending get well thoughts from us here in uk

freddie & noddy send drool kisses to dudley

sending hugs to you to
to help you through this x
Poor Dudley, we are sending our good thoughts to him. Early detection is so important with diseases like parvo and also with blockages so that's a positive in either case. FEEL BETTER!
Poor Dudley :( He's in my thoughts and prayers and Baxter hopes he's better soon.
Keep us posted. I hope he's feeling well soon, and can come home to his family.
Jake and Harvey Hound say woof woof and hope Dudley gets well soon!
Please keep us posted on your darling Dudley! Know many, many thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Kathy and Annie
Thinking of you and hoping the sweet boy does well!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts & prayers. Dudley's not doing any better today. We confirmed that it's not a blockage, but he did test positive for Parvo. The vet said she's never seen such a sad looking puppy, even for a basset.

The part that really tears me up, is that we started harvest today, working from sunrise to sundown, so I'm unable to visit him.

I'm hoping for better news in the morning. I'll update this again tomorrow evening.
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