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Just have to vent

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We say an ad in the local paper today that said "One year old Basset Hound needs good home with fence. $600 followed by a phone number.

Is it just us or is it a disgrace, with all the bassets waiting for a home, to attempt to give up your pet by finding it a good home and asking for money?

Please post your thoughts.

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Its not just you. It almost sounds like these people didn't do their homework before they got themselves a basset. I think "with fence" is a giveaway...they probably don't have one and are too lazy to watch/walk the dog on a leash.

Janet 'n Twinkie
I agree with the fence issue but what really gets me is that they are not satisfied with just trying to find her a good home. We do not feel that they should be trying to recover their cost. The are just too many Bassets waiting for homes and, as the owner of a rescue, it just makes me really angry.
just a thought, but maybe the money will weed out people who aren't that serious. Like how people who have puppies that say "free to a good home..." We all want them to go to a good home, but maybe this will shy away those who dont want to invest that much in a dog.

Just another thought on the matter.
I agree with Amy that they should ask a fair amount, like maybe half of what the dog cost them, and donate that money to a rescue organization.
Rescue groups recommend that people trying to place their pets charge a fee. Pets are less likely to end up in shelters and rescues if their owners have paid a certain amount to purchase them.
I also think that some money should be charged (in my opinion somewhere around the amount the local shelter charges) and that money should be donated to a rescue organization. They should not profit in any way by their inability to live up their responsibility.

I happened to get George for free, but in no way because he was free. The people giving him away (on Craig's List) didn't advertise him as a 'free dog' which would probably attract some of the wrong people. They just didn't ask me for any money (although I know I would have given it). Their priority was a good home (and George scored if I do say so myself). I have made a few donations with that in mind.

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We seem to have ads like that all the time in the uk and I haven't found a basset rescue.It's very difficult to be objective when you see the dog and I have ended up paying a lot of money out at the time and since then because I couldn't leave the dog there ( for my present chow) The owners told me they would be moving abroad and wouldn't be able to pay to take her because she had a leg problem and would never be able to walk properly and were going to have her put down. After two weeks of rest on soft blankets she was walking on all four legs quite well and has had very little trouble with her legs since then. I know it was the wrong thing to do to give them money but at the present moment she has had five years of enjoyable life with us so I can't really regret what I did.So after that experience I try not to look at dog ads, I know I'm not strong enough to walk away.
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I agree with Maggie & Family. I think trying to recover the full cost of a dog after a year, is a bit selfish, but a reasonable adoption fee (about $60-80 in my opinion)is important to make sure the dog goes to a person who is willing and/or able to make the financial commitment to caring for a pet properly. I paid $80 to Copper's 3rd family and he was given away for free to them. He came with papers and vet reciepts from the previous owners, but nothing from the entire year thar they had him. The man told me that they were moving and could not take him, but also mentioned that the wife and daughter were happy to see him go. I suspect that the latter of the two is more likely the truth, although I can't understand why. To me Copper is priceless, and if I had to buy him again I would pay whatever they wanted.
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I know a number of breeders, and to tell them they are 'recovering' any money at all on their puppies gets a laugh every time. These people not only don't make a profit (as many people seem to think) -- they don't come close to covering all the expense of caring for the bitch and the pups. And if they place an older dog, forget it -- the money they've put out between vet care, routine testing and immunizations, entry fees, etc., is never coming back in and they know it. BUT they charge a lot more than any amount that has been mentioned already because, sadly, some people won't value their dog, won't care for their dog, unless they attach a high purchase price to it. Fact of life.

My dogs are giving back far more than they have cost me, so to me they are priceless. But if I were placing a dog, I'd charge and I'd charge plenty!
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Originally posted by ra5146:
We seem to have ads like that all the time in the uk and I haven't found a basset rescue.
We spoke to a Basset rescue organisation in the UK some time ago about adopting a new Basset. The link is:

Basset Welfare UK
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