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Just got our first basset....Mr. Woofus

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Hi there, just a couple quick questions. We adopted Woofus from a basset rescue and she was feeding him a home cooked diet. Any ideas for some recipes? We've been cooking him chicken, green beans, carrots, pumpkin puree with a bit of honey. What are the best proteins for bassets? Also he's much do we feed him? We are feeding him twice a day at the moment. Thanks and any info will be much appreciated. Wooooof
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There are a couple of cook books out there. I know that Basset Buddies rescue sells one and I think my club does too. Check out and

Otherwise there are several recipes online for those who chose to do the home cooked diet.
My vet told us when we got ours to feed her dry food for her teeth. We order our dry food from It's a very wholesome and natural food, unlike the grocery store junk.

For home cooked meals I imagine your recipe may depend on the age and health of your dog.

Congrats on the new adoption!
Woofus seems to be doing better on his home cooked diet. It's a bit pricey, but worth it. We'll work it out. Also got a book from the library with recipes. That'll help. PS he's a great loving thing ever!!:D
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