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Just go to BED already!

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Does anyone have a restless hound? Because Dozer is driving me nuts. The last couple of nights he walks all over the house from room to room, and goes in & out the dog door for almost 30 minutes after I go to bed. I told him last night to either come to bed, or go lay down on the couch. He wouldn't do either.

They are both usually good about sleeping all night and everynight, but lately Dozer is wanting to roam. Maybe it's time for another run in the country to wear him out.
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My Dolly has started getting up about three every morning wanting to play. The girls sleep in their kennels so she howls until I get up. Copper sleeps in our room and when I try to ignore Dolly he get up on the bed barking until I get up and go to see about her. I let her out to potty and then she wants to play,by this time Patty is wide awake and it is rough trying to round up three bassets in the dark front yard.
My two were very restless the other night. Just not ready for bed when we were. We don't crate them anymore. The crate is still there with the door open. Rusty loves that thing! Stickers sleeps in various spots in the family room. The other night we took them out for the last potty call, lights out time for night night. Wrong! As soon as we put our bedroom light out and got in bed, I could hear a squeaky toy for several minutes. Then the running started. This lasted for a couple minutes until they decide it was time for sleeping! We were laughing at the squeaking! I guess if they aren't tired, they don't want to sleep. Makes sense.
Oh, definitely the full moon. When Francis could see he was a pill whenever we had a bright full moon. Restless and noisy all night long.
Perhaps it's also the cooler weather as the season begins to change? Moe and Tally are both very perky now that the heat and humidity are gone. Today is a beautiful fall day, around sxty-eight degrees and very sunny, though it's begun to cloud up in the last hour or so. Moe has been wandering about the yard most of the day, even venturing into the wood's edges to poke around in the bushes. Remember, he had surgery only five days ago and is covered with incisions, and he is wearing an e-collar. I was very surprised at how normal he is acting (I use the term 'normal' very loosely - this IS Moe I'm talking about and there has never been anything 'normal' about him! :lol: )
Last Thurs night Ruby's daddy was out of town on business and Ruby decided that she wanted to play at 1:30 a.m. She has not done this since she was a puppy!

I couldn't get her to go to bed, so I got up and we played and then I took her outside to "go potty". Once in, she went to her bed and was snoring away within seconds. I was then awake the rest of the night. :rolleyes:
My husband and I both need to fall asleep to the TV. José will walk around when we go to bed and pester us to come up on the bed (José manages to convince my husband every once in a while that he is soooo sad and must come up with us, so he always thinks there is a chance).

When we want him to stop we shut the TV off so it's dark, and say "time to go to sleep" and off he goes, we listen to his nails click on the floor to get over to his futon, listen to him jump up and lay down. Then we turn the TV back on!
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