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Nope, it's not just your dog. The TP, cardboard tubes, drier sheets (which you'd think would taste really nasty?), plastic bottles, hats, gloves, and boots are great favorites in our house. And action figures--my sons have more action figures that are horribly mauled! They look like post-apocalyptic war vetrans.

I think dogs like to 'kill' plastic bottles because of that interesting sound they make when crushed. :D

Daisy Jayne can also open bottles and jugs of water, as if she had hands. Guess she has a preference for bottled water...or toilet water-- both are OK in her book. :D

When I buy her toys, she plays with them til they're comletely in tatters, rips up the tatters, then goes right back to whatever 'garbage' she can find.
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