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José tribute photo slideshow

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Here is how I spent my day off on Friday. I wish I had a good digital camera back when José was a puppy, but I had enough prints and even small Polaroids that I scanned in.

I hope you all enjoy!
Tribute to José on youtube
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Tears rolled down my cheeks because I am so sorry that he went to the bridge too soon. He looks so much like my Baxter and I can't even fathom your loss. What a great tribute to Jose'. May you find peace and comfort one day. And, on a side note, I don't think I will ever be able to look at rawhide bones the same way! That was one heck of a bone! Again, thank you for sharing.

Baxter & Buster's mom :(
I love your tribute. José was a beautiful dog that looked like he had a lot of character.
The end made me sad though.

You were lucky that you got to see him as a pup he was a beauty then too!

Here is how I spent my day off on Friday. I wish I had a good digital camera back when José was a puppy, but I had enough prints and even small Polaroids that I scanned in.

I hope you all enjoy!

What a lovely tribute....
I enjoyed your slideshow of José. I also made a slideshow after Sadie went to the Bridge last summer, and I think it was healing. It's something I''ll always treasure. I haven't watched mine in a while. Watching yours makes me want to go watch mine again! :)
I can't even bring myself to watch it right now, had a rough day and don't want to get misty eyed. I'll try to watch it tomorrow. What a nice thing to do, and very healing.

I watched this while on break at work and emerged from the break room in tears. That was beautiful.
What a beautiful tribute to your special boy. Sure looks like he lived a lifed with love. Thanks for sharing him with us.
This is a lovely tribute. Thank you for posting it.
That was a really nice tribute. My sister lost her Rott a couple of months back due to cancer. It lived with me as she did not want it aroound the kids as it got older. Don't get me wrong it was just the nicest dog and would never snap, but if it ran into them on accident it would send them flying. I know that is a hard way to loose a dog. My oldest basset dutchess was really sick last week and I did not wait one min. to take her to the vet. Afterward found out it was just an upset stomach and she needs some meds. I wish I had more pics of dutchess as a pup you always regret it later it seems. So I have a million of my puppy dixie with dutchess. You can never have enough.
I just watched your beautiful tribute to your beautiful boy, and am still teary-eyed. He was such a lucky boy to have landed in your family. it is obvious how much you loved him, and he loved you. I'm so sorry his life with you was cut short.
Sally and Sherman
Jose was such a special boy. I'm sure he is playing around like a puppy again with all of our other dearly loved pets at the bridge. A wonderful tribute...I hope that you find in peace in knowing how much he loved you and you both loved him. :)
What a beautiful tribute to Jose'. You did an awesome job on it, and what a great way to remember him. Thanks for sharing with us your special guy.
What a handsome boy! Love the pic of him thru the front window. Bet your neighbors love seeing him there too.

Janice and Ruby
wow, now that i'm done crying....

what a nice tribute. Beautiful pictures.
That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing and for giving that sweet boy such a loving home.
Jose was a very lucky and obviously well loved dog. Thank you for sharing the video and so well done, watched this at work this am and am holding back tears.
Great job on a wonderful tribute to an obviously great furbaby. Tears are rolling down my face right now. I can't imagine what your life is like without Jose. I can't imagine my life without one of mine either. Pictures were great. May they bring a smile to your face in the years to come as they bring back happy memories.
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