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José - on his way to stardom

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José has made it into the local Heinen's grocery store ad! I'm sure fame and fortune are just around the corner!

Here is the link for those of you not in the Cleveland area!

He is on page 3
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Well done! Maybe he can fund your retirement!

BTW, why are California peaches cheaper in Ohio than here? Hmmmm.
How cool! Now I can say I know a celebrity!
He's a sweetie!

If I lived anywhere near one I would shop there just cause of their GREAT taste in dogs.

Give the celeb some extra treats. It must be very hard work to be famous.
I know you are so proud and you should be. Congradulations!
Uh, oh!! Everyone is going to want to own a Basset after they see that handsome guy.
Aroooos from Bogie!!!
Oh that is very nice. Congrats!!!!! :D . Tummy Boy's Mom
I remember Heinen's! I grew up in Cleveland. They are obviously a high class establishment if Jose's picture is in their ad! :D

congrats jose u are a handsome basset model
How cool!

You rock, Jose!!!!

Wow! Not only are they running a high class ad campaign, their prices are good, too!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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