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Joey--12 weeks

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A VERY handsome little guy! And those ears!!! SO looooooooong! B)
Oh, gorgeous. What kennel is Joey from?
Umm, I'm confused. That's a picture of my Joey (who's now close to 2yrs old) that I posted in Aug of 06, right after I brought him home.
I save pictures of beautiful Bassets wherever I find them and Joey is certainly an exceptional beauty and I would love to see some recent shots of him. My Basset friends down this way say he has some of the longest ears they have ever seen and I agree!
My avatar is a pic of Joey taken just a couple of weeks ago. He still has the Jar Jar Binks ears and the melt-your-heart eyes. The couch potato pose is just a ruse, though. Joey is a "hell on paws" puppy. . .with a heart of gold, but BAD! to the bone :p .
There are some member Bassets here that are just as beautiful as any living thing on the face of this earth from where I sit---Joey included! It is just automatic to love them on sight. I wish we could have have a meet to see each others Hounds.
My Molly has no idea she is not human.
My avatar is a pic of Joey taken just a couple of weeks ago.

Hi There,
I don't know about others, but on my computer you have no avatar at all :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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