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hello everybody again!!! well, me and JD are doing fantastic. he's kinda housebroken. he doesn't pee or poop in the house if his doggy door is open. but lately, i've been trying to train him to hold it in and only go when there's a chance to. uhhh...sometimes he goes right in front of me, other times he actually waits until i open the doogy door. oh well, i love the guy still. his crying and whining are still a factor, but i think it's due to the fact that he just wants to be around people. me and all my friends are late 20's party people, so when somebody comes home at 2a after a nite of partying, he wants to come out of his crate, in my room, while i'm perfectly sleeping, and play. and he'll cry and whine and scrath at his crate until he's let out. JD refuses to be asleep while there's somebody else having a good time!!! what a good party dog!!!

anyways, apparently the crate i got for him is too short. i think it's 24" long and about 18" tall. he's about 8 months now and i was wondering how long will he get? most of the websites i found tell that he will be about 13" to 15" tall at the shoulders, but nothing to state how long he would be, at full grown. can any of you owners of older bassets let me know how long your little rascals are? i want to give JD a great sleeping place, that he's comfortable and cozy in. thanks for all your help!!

JD and joey

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