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Sorry I was out of state all weekend just got back home, haven't been on here since right before I left. I won't do this explanation justice and maybe a breeder here or someone with more knowledge can pipe in here to explain your question.

When I posted pictures of Bella and said to keep in mind she is a Euro bloodline and might look quite different from a backyard breeder.....

My best understanding of this is that the breeders of the Euro (European) lines breed for different characteristics then the American breeders do. You will often find the Euro lines referred to as the Old American Line as well, my understanding (and someone correct me if I am wrong here), is they breed for different characteristics for the look of the head, shorter muzzle and shorter in the leg, as well as bone density, massive ears, and that is how it was explained to me???? I love the euro look, MOST not all but MOST of the photographs of bassets used are of a euro line if you check the photo's it will usually say. Although I won't do what a lot of people (not all) who get the euro line like to force the growth on the puppy, I have heard time and again the euro line referred to as a "large breed" and to feed the large breed food. No way I would do this but I do see a noticeable difference in the 2 lines. I love them all no matter, but my hubby wanted the Euro and has since we started owning bassets 23 years ago. Just comparing my 2 dogs there is a huge difference in the look of them.

Bo =o)
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Keep in mind the talk is generalities and there will be individual dogs that do not match the typical profile
What wins in europe is a more massive dog

it is best explaned by a few picture however if a side by side would be more telling.


top winning basset all time

top winning bitch

from Owners Web site
Noodles is home and enjoying life as a pet. She has started training in obedience, agility and rally. She is currently taking Intermediate Agility training at Four Paws Academy in Boxborough
agility training is not something you will find many Euro champs engaged in. .

the breed standards are not that different it is how they are intrprested and translaed in the show ring that is the difference. If you look at the english hunting pack an even different look emerges.
hunting with basset

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Those Bassets in the bottom two pictures have very slender bodies, thin faces and look pretty high off the ground! I have never seen any like that at the few dog shows I have been at! I see what Mikey means about the different shapes...
Lightning was bred in Virginia hunt country, and he look just like the photos of the hunting bassets. Whenever I would take him to a horse show or something, people would comment that he was the most beautiful basset they had ever seen. Which I thought was funny because I had the Maytag repairman's dog in my head as the "perfect" basset. So it's all a matter of taste and function. And gsally, I love the photos of Brunas jumping, but (and I don't want to be indelicate) it looks like certain daingly parts might not clear the jump!
And gsally, I love the photos of Brunas jumping, but (and I don't want to be indelicate) it looks like certain daingly parts might not clear the jump!
ROFLMAO too funny what an observation!

Yes, of course it's preference, and my Bella is 3/4 Euro which I am happy about because I think she will have the head and look I want and love but I don't think she will as massive as the Euro's get.

Who says big bassets can't jump?
Brunas (Fumfel z Klubu XXL) pics found in Photo gallery

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the black hounds!!
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