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Jackson climbs trees and swims

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:D I found some of these pictures from an outing with Jackson a few years ago and thought you'all might like to see what some
bassets like to do on hot summer days in Austin Tx :D

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WOW!! Both of my hounds HATE the water. I tried to teach both to swim and they each sank like a bag of rocks. Even with life vests on their panic ovecame them.
Cute! He sure knows how to stay cool!

Floyd swims too. The day we adopted him he followed one of the Newfs into the lake and started swimming, and loves the water since then. Granted, he's not a great swimmer, but he swims enough to cool off, and loves to run along the water at shore and wade in to get his belly wet. We'll be fitting him for a life vest this summer so he can go out in the boat safely too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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