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Jackie's morning present to me!

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Good Morning Everyone,

My financee had to leave early this morning for work so he let Jackie out of her crate and took her outside. When he left, he left her loose in the living room. We have been trying to gradually be able to leave Jackie alone without confinement to the crate. She has never destroyed anything before...but this morning was different! I got up about two hours after my finacee left to find this mess!!! She shred several sheets of notebook paper, ate a piece of chewing gum, pooped inside the house (first time in over four months), and peed on her bed (first time in over a month). :eek: :eek: :(

Picture of the maddness:
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Looks like she had a very busy morning!

My guys say "keep up the good work!"
Looks like she was a busy girl having fun the Basset way. They can be such stinkers at times. :D
Allowing her out of her crate on her own in the house will work better if you do it gradually and when you're home to watch and correct negative behavior.

Good luck in the future.


Thanks for the advice...Jackie acts like an angel in the house when I'm home with her...I've even been able to leave her alone for short periods in the house while I'm running errands but I guess for now, she will stay in her crate when I have to leave.
My two have gotten use to walking about 3 miles a day and several long play sessions outside. If we are busy and don't walk them, they will get into trouble. Several weeks ago we came home to find the entire Sunday paper ripped to shreds and scattered throughout the house! A good dog is a tired dog. I have to remember that!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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