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Jackie is here and growing like a weed!!!!

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Hi Y'all,

If you will remember from my previous posts...Jackie's gotcha day was two weeks ago yesterday!!! What an interesting two weeks it has been. Jackie is an adorable little girl and I love her more each day. The day before we got her, my computer went on the brink :roll: Two weeks, three visits to Best Buy and countless hours of frustration later, it seems to be working for the moment.

Jackie is mostly black and white with an adorable hound belly with lots of spots. She is already throughly spoiled by her parents and grandparents. The last time I took her to the vet she weighed seven pounds and according to our scale she weighs nine pounds now (not sure how reliable our scale is for low weights).

Now for pictures!!!

Daddy holding her at home:

Jackie exploring the dining room:

That cute little tongue:

The great outdoors:

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She is just adorable; I love seeing pictures of her. It's hard to imagine them starting out that small.
Absolutely precious- look at that pink tongue!
Oh my goodness sweet! I love puppy pictures!

You'll have to be our 'Puppy Fix" for now. Just keep posting the pictures those of us with full grown hounds can watch her grow along with you.

She is adorable :D
So, so sweet! You should submit some of those to - they need more bassets!
ooohhhh how SWEET!! She is a doll!!!
What a good looking hound you have there.

(OM-) What a cutey and growing too fast. Just like my Grandkids. Have FUN. :lol: :D :wink: Tummy Boy's Mom.
She is too cute!!! You are going to have so much fun together :D
Some of the best puppy photos I have seen! I wish I had Roxy when she was that small. Aawwww, I just wanna kiss her!
Oh my!! She is utterly precious, I just want to cuddle and squeeze that little girl so badly.
By the way, I want to compliment Daddy for his EXQUISITE taste in head gear!!!! Incredibly cool hat to go with an incredibly cool dog!
What a darling doll baby she is! Give her a kiss right between the eyes from me! (George is jealous that I think she's cute so he only said "harrumph") More pictures, please!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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