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Jack and water

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Hi Everyone,
For the past ten days Jack has been throwing up after he drinks a good portion of water. It doesn't happen every time but occurs at least every couple of days. He doesn't get sick after eating, but I've noticed he doesn't eat right away which is unusual. He eats about an hour or so after I put his food out. Has anyone else had a problem with their dog :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: vomiting after drinking? Jack is 7 and has never done this before. Thanks for any advice. (He's going for his annual physical on march 29)
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I'd be taking him to the vet immedately.
I agree with Miriam. Mine go off their feed only if something is wrong, and if he can't even keep water down, I'd be very concerned.......
My childhood dalmation did this throughout his entire life. Is he drinking too much too fast? That was the case with my dalmation. He never out grew it.

Thanks for responding. He was fine today and ate his food heartily. He usually throws up the water when he's excited or drinks a lot at once. Most of the time he's fine after drinking but as I said before he's thrown up about four times in the last ten days. He's very active and doesn't show any other signs of sickness. If he does it again in the next couple of days, I'm going to call the vet and bring him in Thursday or Friday. Thanks again!
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