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I've seen dogs run in their sleep, but.....

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I was watching Dozer sleep and he started to snarl his mouth, then a few minutes later he was wagging his tail. His feet were moving a little too. Of coarse I couldn't get a picture of that, but I got one of him sleeping.
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George does that, too, and he talks in his sleep, making little woofs and and whines and even barking when it's a really vivid dream.
Yup, WInston and Henrietta do the same thing.
When it becomes too tense, I usually wake them us carefully. Cause I can't stand watching them get sooo stressed out from their own dream.
I forgot about all the little woofs, since they wake me up at night. One time I thought he was outside, since his woofs were muffled. I was yelling at him to stop, then reached over and felt him beside me.
By the way, the yelling didn't wake him.
Ruby has been known to bark, howl, whine, twitch while sleeping. A couple of times she was even sleep walking.

Lately she wags in her sleep. Must be a happy dog.
Daisy had a good dream yesterday, too, she was wagging so hard in her sleep her whole back end was going...nice to know she's having nice dreams that make her happy.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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