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We don't remember who posted it, but thanks for the great advice. I read on the forum about several Bassets that seemed to vomit yellow bile on empty tummys, especially in the mornings after going from supper to breakfast. Bogie had been occasionaly doing this around 4:30 AM, and it's not a great way to wake up to the sounds of a heaving Basset in the wee hours of the morning.
The solution was to feed them something at bedtime. So we started feeding part of Bogie's supper at supper time around 5 PM and saving the other part to around 9:30 PM, when we put him out for the last potty trip of the night. He gets three cups of "Nutro Natural Choice Lamb Meal and Rice" a day. So now we give Bogie 1 and 1/2 cups in the morning, 1 cup for supper, and the remaining 1/2 cup at bedtime. No more heaving, so far, and the biggest plus is he is now sleeping to 6:30AM. So a big "Thank you!" to who ever suggested a bedtime snack.

This is how I used to look in the mornings. I didn't feel so good.

Now I feel great in the mornings and can take a lazy stretch.

Arooos from Bogie!!
You don't own a Basset, a Basset owns you!!
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