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It's official!! -22 actual temperature this morning!!

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This is how the Carter's spent their day today. It has been several years since it has been this cold. We have about 6" of snow on the ground here in Mitchell. It was really pretty out, sun shining, fresh snow on the ground that fell yesterday, but "Brrrrrrr"! We did finally warm up to 8 degrees this afternoon, after the -22 degrees this morning. The wind chill was a -36. Nothing like winter in South Dakota!!
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So how in the world do the babies go 'potty'?? I can't imagine my spoiled little Florida hounds going out in such weather! :lol:

You both look very snuggly. I suppose there is a bright side to such temperatures.
That is a very tranquil and beautiful moment -- captured in time----I will pass it to my friends as well as keeping the picture.
Wow, that is cold! Time to hibernate, I think! :lol: That is a great photo of you and Bogie. You both look so cozy.
WOW, and I thought it was cold here! Glad you are keeping warm - love the afgan by the way!
Wow...I thought it was cold here...brr!

I just love that picture! You both look sooo relaxed and warm!

Did he get up there on his own? And it's cute to see him not on his bed on the floor.


Janice and little Ruby who wishes you both to stay warm!
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