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George was already trained when we got him but coming to a new house upset him and he wanted to go out ALL THE TIME. He would usually piddle a bit but I think the main thing was he wanted to see where the boy was who had lived at his old house and of course, he wasn't here. Eventually, he learned to either sit at the door and stare at us pointedly or come bug us until we let him out, and unfortunately the "I want a treat. NOW" routine is exactly like the "I gotta pee. NOW" routine. LOL He still has the occasional accident, if we're gone or busy and don't notice him asking to go, and I never make a fuss about it. Sometimes I say, "Oh, for pete's sake, GEORGE" and he'll always insist it was the OTHER dog (we don't HAVE another dog) or pretend he doesn't have ANY IDEA what that puddle is or how it got there.

Sounds to me like giving him a treat when he piddles outside and ignoring it when he has an accident is the best advice. He is only a baby, after all. It'll take some time for him to get onto it. Buy lots of paper towels and hunker down until he does.
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