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Well the weather here in MD cooled off some, so the dogs got their first walk today (Saturday) since Tuesday. It's only 88 now, as opposed to the rest of the week where it hit 101 a couple days, and high 90s the rest.

We just got back from our walk, which was only half the normal distance. They went straight to the water bowls, then each found an AC vent (ours are in the floor) and plopped down on it!
Dudley has it figured out the best, he goes for the vent in the kitchen and lays down with his head over the vent, but not completely blocking it. He gets the advantage of the cool kitchen floor, plus the cool air flowing all around his head! I don't think he cares that the vent cover is metal with slats, which must be uncomfortable.
It took Minnie a while to learn about the vents, and she still has a poor technique. She will lay on a vent in the carpeted living room, and half the time she covers the whole vent, blocking the cool air.
Considering her previous life was primarily as an outdoor dog, she does fairly well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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