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it's a basset's life

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It's been as hot here as everywhere else, but we don't have a/c, so George has been, as his daddy says, "a hot, grumpy ole George." I tried wetting him down with a cool towel and he didn't care for that. Too much like a bath. So I tried putting a fan out on the deck because he likes lying in front of his fan in the house. But he didn't figure it out until today. The fan is running even though it looks like it's not:

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There is nothing worse than a grumpy basset. Poor George.Patty and Dolly's kennels are usually in my sons old room that we have turned into a den but it is an addition so the central air is not in there so we have moved the kennels into the kitchen where it is cooler. Copper usually stays on the couch under the air vent. The things we do for our bassets.
Foster Smith sells a cooling bed especially for hot weather. I've never needed one before this year. I may have to invest in one.

I bought that bed about 3 years ago for my precious Maggie Mae (ATB). She wouldn't go near it! She would walk across it, but never sit or stand or lay on it. I didn't bother returning it. I was hoping Rusty or Stickers would like it with this horrible Florida heat. Nope! They have no interest in it either! So back in the closet it went! What a waste of $$. At least they love their pipe beds!
George won't even lie on the rugs this time of year, scrunches them up out of his way so he can lie on bare floor. I doubt he'd go for a cooling bed, either.
Have you tired giving him ice cubes? My guys LOVE them. When it is soo hot like this, I will freeze pedialyte in ice cube trays and give them to the hounds. They think it's a real treat, and will gobble them up... not even knowing that it's good for them!
I give him ice water. He used to like to play with ice cubes and chase them all over the kitchen, but he's bored with that now. He does like ice water, though. You should see his tail zip back and forth when he sees me fixing it up.
Well the weather here in MD cooled off some, so the dogs got their first walk today (Saturday) since Tuesday. It's only 88 now, as opposed to the rest of the week where it hit 101 a couple days, and high 90s the rest.

We just got back from our walk, which was only half the normal distance. They went straight to the water bowls, then each found an AC vent (ours are in the floor) and plopped down on it!
Dudley has it figured out the best, he goes for the vent in the kitchen and lays down with his head over the vent, but not completely blocking it. He gets the advantage of the cool kitchen floor, plus the cool air flowing all around his head! I don't think he cares that the vent cover is metal with slats, which must be uncomfortable.
It took Minnie a while to learn about the vents, and she still has a poor technique. She will lay on a vent in the carpeted living room, and half the time she covers the whole vent, blocking the cool air.
Considering her previous life was primarily as an outdoor dog, she does fairly well.
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