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Hi, I'm posting this to general since it seems to get more responses, but mods feel free to move it if needed.

Elmer seems to spend a lot of time every morning when he first wakes up rolling around, moaning, scratching and rubbing his ears. His first vet never could find anything wrong, (we have switched) and his present vet has told me to make a solution of 50/50 alcohol and strong tea and put 1 ml in each ear each day as needed. Instead of using the dropper, I've had to go to a small spray bottle, which is easier, since he's not a fan of this. It does seem to help. The vet says the combo of alcohol and tannic acid in the tea will dry up the itchy moisture in the ears.

Also: Since it seems to only occur in the mornings, I've changed his bed. I always wash the covers weekly, but I noticed that on the inside of the cushion part there is fiberfill and cedar chippy stuff distributed throughout the fluff. I got them at Cosco. They were probably made in China, which concerns me too. Has anyone ever heard of a dog having allergies to cedar chips? I put his other bed which doesn't have cedar in the bedroom and moved the cedar- containing one to the sunroom. So now, I guess I'll have to get another deluxe bed for Button, since he wants to get on it, too and Elmer won't let him! :rolleyes:

Anyone heard of cedar allergy or the alcohol/tea solution?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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